"You can not fail in any laudable object,

unless you allow your mind to be improperly directed."

-Abraham Lincoln


Learn About Shelley

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Of all the candidates for Wilson County General Sessions Judge Division II, you deserve someone who can walk into that courtroom without needing to learn their way around. Shelley Thompson Gardner has more than 12 years of criminal defense experience in the General Sessions courtroom and that makes all the difference. Born and raised in Wilson County, Shelley loves helping people, and wants to continue in the footsteps of her family by serving our community. "I believe my experience, knowledge, values and ability to run this courtroom are unparalleled by any other candidate. I would  like to ask for your vote in this year's election.  It would be an honor for me to fulfill a lifelong dream and continue to serve this great community."  Vote and elect Shelley Thompson Gardner as your next and first female General Sessions Judge of Wilson County.



Paid for by the Committee to Elect Shelley Thompson Gardner, Troy Brewer, Treasurer.